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If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.
Folder: 2019 Communication Plan2019 Communication Plan2019 Communication Plan
Folder: 2019 Term 4 Curriculum Overviews2019 Term 4 Curriculum Overviews2019 Term 4 Curriculum Overviews
Folder: 2019-parent-information-sessions2019-parent-information-sessions2019-parent-information-sessions
Folder: School CouncilSchool CouncilSchool Council
Folder: school-age-child-care-service-(SACCS)-formsschool-age-child-care-service-(SACCS)-formsschool-age-child-care-service-(SACCS)-forms
Folder: Transition To SchoolTransition To SchoolTransition To School
2012-2015-final-report.pdfQuadrennial school review2012-2015-final-report42 KB
2017-2018-instrumental-music-handbook.docx2017-2018 Instrumental Music Handbook 2017-2018-instrumental-music-handbook321 KB
2018- Fees- charges- updated.pdf2018 Fee Charges updated2018- Fees- charges- updated51 KB
2018 Fees charges.docx2018 Fees charges2018 Fees charges357 KB
2018- Fees -charges.pdf2018  Fee Charges SACCS2018- Fees -charges50 KB
2018- IPS- Meeting- Minutes- 1st Feb.pdf2018 IPS Meeting Minutes 1st Feb2018- IPS- Meeting- Minutes- 1st Feb174 KB
2018 School Review Report.PDF2018-school-review-report2018 School Review Report1290 KB
2018-whss-parent-handbook.doc2018 WHSS Parent Handbook2018-whss-parent-handbook1780 KB
2019 FLTp FAQ Page.docx2019-fltp-faq-page2019 FLTp FAQ Page625 KB
2019 FLTp Overview.docx2019-fltp-overview2019 FLTp Overview636 KB
2019 FLTp Student Agreement.docx2019-fltp-student-agreement2019 FLTp Student Agreement192 KB
2019 FLTp@Wellers Handbook.docx2019-fltp-@-wellers-handbook2019 FLTp@Wellers Handbook1330 KB
2019 Link to MSG Sign Up Page.docx2019 Link to MSG Sign Up Page2019 Link to MSG Sign Up Page19 KB
2019 Parent Rep Booklet.doc2019-parent-rep-booklet2019 Parent Rep Booklet154 KB
2019 PC Parent Information.pdf2019 PC Parent Information2019 PC Parent Information452 KB
2019 Prep to Year One Transition.pdf2019-prep-to-year-one-transition2019 Prep to Year One Transition380 KB
2019 Rehearsal Timetable.docx2019-rehearsal-timetable2019 Rehearsal Timetable63 KB
2019 School Council Minutes Term 4.doc2019-school-council-minutes-term-42019 School Council Minutes Term 4256 KB
2019 School Improvement Unit Final Report.pdf2019-school-improvement-unit-final-report2019 School Improvement Unit Final Report726 KB
2019 Staff Directory Semester 1.docx2019-staff-directory-semester-12019 Staff Directory Semester 127 KB
2019 Tuckshop Menu.pdf2019-Tuckshop-Menu Term 32019 Tuckshop Menu6564 KB
2019- Tuckshop -Menu.pdf2019 Tuckshop Menu2019- Tuckshop -Menu5124 KB
2019 WHSS-priority-school-review-action-plan.doc2019 WHSS Priority School Review Action Plan2019 WHSS-priority-school-review-action-plan944 KB
2019-2020 SACCS Summer vacation care.pdf2019-2020 SACCS Summer vacation care2019-2020 SACCS Summer vacation care1010 KB
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