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Wellers Hill School Age Child Care Service (SACCS)

Wellers Hill School Age Child Care Service (SACCS) was established at the beginning of 1993 and provides Before School Care (BSC), After School Care (ASC) and Vacation Care (VC) programmes for primary school aged children in the community. SACCS provides a quality school age child care program in a caring, safe and stimulating environment that enhances children's development through a variety of activities such as sports, arts and craft, cooking, games, and much more. Some of our most popular activities are currently loose parts play, gardening and farming, sports and craft.

Contact details

Mobile: 0499 000 758 

SACCS Emails:

Absenteeism:                       Xplor App​           
Casual bookings:                 Xplor App

Vacation Care bookings:    Xplor App

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Hours of operation

Before School Care:        6.50am to 8.50am

After School Care:           2.50pm to 6.00pm

Vacation Care:                 7.00am to 6.00pm

Pupil Free Days:              7.00am to 6.00pm



If you are interested in your child/children attending Wellers Hill SACCS, please email and we will endeavour to reply to your request as soon as possible.

Please note: Any requests that exceed Wellers Hill SACCS capacity will be wait listed and spaces will be offered as they become available. Individual days (if available) will be offered to parents on the waiting list including parents/careers requiring multiple days.

All families will be contacted annually to check enrolment details including emergency contacts and booking requests.


Wellers Hill SACCS is open to all Primary School age children and may be used on a permanent or casual basis.

Fees and charges

Fee per service per childBefore school careAfter school careVacation care and pupil free days
Standard fee$15
$45 (plus the cost for excursions and additional activities as stated in Vacation Care Program
Holding fee
Not applicable
Casual and emergency fee
Not applicable
Cancellation fee
$17 – for casual
and emergency
users only
$22 – for casual and emergency users only$45 - Less than 1 week notice PLUS excursion and extra activities costs. 

$22 - More than 1 week notice Plus excursion and extra activities costs.​

*Cancellations made whilst the vacation care booking period is still open will not incur a fee. Cancellations for vacation care days and excursions made after the booking period has closed and with at least one week's notice will receive a half fee discount (including the full activity cost) otherwise a fee equal to the fee for that session will be charged and any money paid may be forfeited.


Only medication prescribed by a doctor are allowed in Wellers Hill SACCS.  Parents/Carers need to present SACCS with the following:

  • Completed Medication Authority Form
  • Letter from the prescribing Medical Practitioner
  • The medication is in the original package with a pharmacist's label stating the child's name, dosage, frequency of administration, date of dispensing and the expiry date

Extra enrichment

If your child/children are required to attend extra enrichment activities i.e. swimming club, band practice etc. while enrolled at SACCS you need to complete the appropriate Extra Enrichment Activity 

Vacation care program

Wellers Hill SACCS runs a Vacation Care program during each school holiday.

Vacation Care bookings must be submitted using the QK Enrol online booking system.  Instructions about the booking process are provided in the program that can be printed from this website or collected from the SACCS room. Programs are usually released 3 weeks prior to each Vacation Care period.  The duration of the booking period is 2 weeks.

Christmas Vacation Care program will be released 4 weeks prior the Christmas Vacation Care Period.

Please note: On days that have popular activities planned (especially excursion days), we quickly reach our approved capacity so please submit your booking as soon as possible.

Remember: Due to legislative requirements you need to sign the appropriate permissions as listed in the VC program and return them to Wellers Hill SACCS as soon as possible to finalise your booking.  

Booking for Vacation care does not depend on your children's bookings in the other components of SACCS.

All accounts must be paid up to date before confirming your children' Vacation bookings.


Wellers Hill SACCS dedicated team is comprised of a Service Manager, Coordinator, Assistant Coordinators, Educational Leader, Lead Educators and Educators. Most team members hold a current First Aid Certificate.  All members hold Working with Children Suitability Cards (Blue Card).​

Wellers Hill School Age Child Care Service Sub-Committee

The Wellers Hill SACCS Sub-Committee (a sub-committee of Wellers Hill State School P&C) consist of parents/carers who use the service.

Note: For more information related to Wellers Hill SACCS operation please read the Parents Handbook (refer to related links) and the service Policies and Procedures Manual available from SACCS office.

Last reviewed 10 August 2021
Last updated 10 August 2021